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Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY), "this: seasons" 2017
'T' Space (Rhinebeck, NY), 2016
Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY), "All the Worlds" 2013
Hudson River Museum (Yonkers, New York), "From Mannahatta to Kaaterskill" 2011
Madelyn Jordon Fine Art (Scarsdale, New York) 2011
Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY) "Art & Entertainment " 2010
Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY) "Mannahatta" 2007
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art (New Paltz, NY) "Hudson River Landscape" 2006
Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY) "Kaaterskill" 2005
Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY) "Arachnoid" 2003
Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY) "Fresh Kills" 2001
Center of Creative Photography (Tucson, AZ) "Name of the Rose" 2000
Barry Singer Gallery (Petaluma, CA) 1999
Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY) "Mobile Views" 1998
Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY) "Signs, flowers and other memories" 1996
John Jay College Gallery (New York, NY) "You'll Be History" 1996
Metropolitan Transit Authority Arts for Transit Exhibition (New York, NY) "The Name of the Rose" 1993
Art in General (New York, NY) "Past & Present" 1991
Urbi et Orbi Gallery (Paris, France) "World of Wax" 1990
PS122 (New York, NY) "Femme Fatality" 1990
Hudson River Museum (Yonkers, NY) "Emerald City & Strange Love" 1990
Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester, NY) "World of Wax" 1990


Studio 10 (Brooklyn, NY) 'Somewhere, Somehow' Artists: Gary Stephan, Steel Stillman, Susan Wides 2018
Wayne State University Gallery (Detroit, MI) 'Human Nature' 2018
Haifa Museum of Art (Haifa, Israel) 'Wax Museum' curated by Revital Silverman Grun 2017
Transmitter (Brooklyn, NY) 'Portals' curated by Ashely Garret & Anna Ortiz 2017
Athens Cultural Center (Athens, NY) 'A Declaration of Sentiments' curated by Carrie Feder 2017
Madelyn Jordon Fine Art (Scarsdale, NY) 'In the Country, By the Sea' 2016
Art in Embassies Exhibition & Program US Dept. of State (Ankara, Turkey) 2015 - 2017
The Hewitt Gallery, Marymount Manhattan College (New York, NY) 2015
"Study Abroad: The Artist as Immigrant" curated by Hallie Cohen
Athens Cultural Center "Taking Root: Caniskek and the Meeting of Two Worlds" 2015
CR!O (Hudson, NY) 'Heavy Equipment' 2014
Eastern Standard (Catskill, NY) 'Indirect Lines to the Hudson River School' 2014
Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, NY) 'Recent Acquisitions' 2013
Scenic Hudson 50 Anniversary Exhibit (Hudson Opera House, Grand Central Station and other locations along the Hudson) 'Of Time & Place' 2013
Howard Greenberg Gallery (New York, NY) 'New York in Color' 2012
Islip Art Museum (Islip, NY) 'Urban/Suburban'' 2012
Westport Art Center (Westport, CT) 'Toy Story'' 2012
Tremaine Gallery, Hotchkiss School, CT 'Fabricated' 2012
Prographica (Seattle, WA) 'Landscape, Urban & Rural'' 2012
Athens Cultural Center (Athens, NY) 'Constant Gardeners' 2011
Brik Gallery (New York, NY) 'Cowgirls of the Hudson' (Catskill, NY) 2011
Alan Klotz Gallery (New York, NY) 'Coming of Spring' 2010
The Center for Photography (Woodstock, NY) 'PQ100' 2009
Tang Teaching Museum (Saratoga, NY) 'Hudson River' 2009
Alan Klotz Gallery (New York, NY) 'Seeing the Hudson' 2009
The Center for Photography (Woodstock, NY) 'Triennial 2008'
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art (New Paltz, NY) Defining Art: New Acquisitions 2005- 2007'
Cornell Fine Art Museum (Winter Park, FL) 'Revising Arcadia: The Landscape in Contemporary Art' 2006
Kleinert James Art Center (Woodstock, NY) 'Unexpected Catskills' 2006
New Jersey Center for Visual Arts (Summit, NJ) 'Among the Trees' 2005
Cooper Classics Collection (New York, NY) 'Colorscapes' 2004
Kim Foster Gallery (New York, NY) 'Terrain' 2003
'Here is New York: A Democracy of Photographs,' worldwide traveling exhibit, 2002
New Gallery at University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL) 'Land' 2002
Municipal Arts Society (New York, NY) 'Fresh Kills: to the closure. The Photographs' Travelled to Snug Harbor Cultural Center (Staten Island, NY) 2001
Museum of Contemporary Art (Baltimore, MD) 'Snapshot' 2001
Karen McCready Gallery (New York, NY) 'My Girlfriend Iris'
Center for Creative Photography (Tucson, AZ) 'Recent Acquisitions' 2000
Museum of the City of New York 'New York Now' Artists: Epstein, Lutter, Morrell, Moore, Wides, et al. 2000
Middlebury College Museum of Art (Middlebury, VT) 'After Eden:Garden Varieties in Contemporary Art'. Artists: Beuys, Campus, Goldsworthy, Graham, Holzer, Marshall, Wides, et al. 2000
Herbert Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University (Syracuse, NY) 'One man's eye: photographs from the Alan Siegel collection.' 2000
Guild Hall Museum (East Hampton, NY) 'Souveniers: Collecting, Memory and Material Culture' 1999
Wessel O'Connor Gallery (New York, NY) 'Women, curated by Vince Aletti' 1999
Pingree Gallery (East Hampton, NY) 'Landscape: Three Views' 1999
Castle Gallery, College of New Rochelle (New Rochelle, NY) 'Psychological Realism' 1999
Troyer Fitzpatrick Lassman (Washington, DC) 1998
Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford (Hartford, CT) 'Beyond the Label' 1998
High Museum of Art (Atlanta, GA) 'Museum Studies' Artists: Höfer, Koenig, Struth, Sugimoto, Wides, Wilson, et al. 1997
Ronald Feldman Fine Art (New York, NY) 1995
Princeton University Art Museum (Princeton, NJ) 'Apples & Oranges: Contemporary Artists and the Emerson. Rejlander Debate' 1994
Princeton University Art Museum (Princeton, NJ) 'Recent Acquisitions: Contemporary Photography' 1993. Artists: Barney, Heineken, Parr, Simpson, Wides, et al.
Julie Saul Gallery (New York, NY) 'Foreign Ferns: Botanical Studies from Talbot to the Present' 1993
SF Camerawork (San Francisco, CA) 'Paradise Lost' 1993
Jersey City Museum (Jersey City, NJ) 'Contacts/ Proofs' 1993
Marymount Manhattan College Gallery (New York, NY) 1993
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA) 1992
The Center for Photography (Woodstock, NY) 'The Surrogate Figure: Intercepted Identities in Contemporary Photography'. Artists: Barrette, Bieber, Ellis, Ross, Simmons, Wides. Travelled to Rosa Esman Gallery (New York, NY) Cooley Memorial Art Gallery (Portland, OR) 1992
The New York Public Library (New York, NY) 'Selections from the Collection' 1992
Deson Saunders Gallery (Chicago, IL) 'Artforms' 1992
The Bronx Museum of the Arts (Bronx, NY) 1992
Pierre Bernard Gallery (Nice, France) 'Sphinx: Bill Henson, Thomas Ruff, Susan Wides' 1991
Coup de Grace Gallery (New York, NY) 1991
Herron Gallery, Indianapolis Center Contemporary Art (Indianapolis, IN) 1991
Soho Center of Visual Arts (New York, NY) 'Made in Photography' 1990
Brooklyn Museum (Brooklyn, NY) 'Recent Acquisitions' 1989
Squibb Gallery (Princeton, NJ) 'Fictive Strategies: Actuality & Originality in Contemporary Art' 1989. Artists: Casebere, Lawler, Levinthal, Samaras, Sherman, Simmons, Wides, et al.
The Burden Gallery, Aperture Foundation (New York, NY) "Suitable for Display: Museum, Spectacle, History' Artists: Faust, Ladda, Neumaier, Ross, Wides 1988


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Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, NY 2012. Panel with Joel Meyerowitz, Marvin Newman & Amani Willet
The New School, New York, NY 2010
Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 2008
International Center for Photography, New York, NY 2008
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY 2008
Catskill Community Center, Catskill, NY 2008
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY 2007
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Kenyon College
Indiana University (BA)
Studied with Henry Holmes Smith